The vegetation and altitude of The Amazon State creates the largest hydrographic network of fresh water in the planet and the largest river in the world: the Amazon River (6300 km). The natural attributes of the region and the preservation of 98% of its forest area allows the existence of an ecosystem full of species and biodiversity.

The Amazon data is impressing: its width reaches 20km, rising to 50km in the rainy season; the depth is generally 20 meters, but it can reach 100 meters. Amazon waters flows 200 km into the sea.

The Amazon River is the most important tourist route and fishing in the area. Its source gives a beautiful spectacle. In Manaus, Negro River (with black water), joins the Solimões River (muddy color), giving rise to the Amazon River, with two-color waters, running side by side for kilometers without mixing , forming the amazing "meeting of the waters".

The waters that pass through Santa Isabel do Rio Negro is the most important fishing destination of Zaltana boat. In addition to Sta. Isabel, other great options for sport fishing are the Uatumã River, Madeira River, Solimões River and its tributaries.